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Association main aims

It is obviously difficult to summarise 40 years of the Association's activities over the past 30 years in a few lines or pages and hence we have sought to do so in a general, but not generic, manner.

The Association's primary task is to open a window on toll motorways for both the current and potential users and those who are responsible for providing and regulating this service (the granting authority).

The preparation of timely and accurate statistics and of the sector's results is undoubtedly one of the best known and appreciated aspects; about 100 issues have been published to date of the Association's newsletter "AISCAT Informazioni", which has constantly informed readers of the development of motorway mobility and its specific features and it also provides stimuli for reflection and news.

In addition to the newsletter, AISCAT deals with a wide range of other contributions: hearings, debates, conferences, participating in commissions and organisations.

Much work has also been carried out on the cultural level to ensure that the concept of "concession" and hence of "toll" have an apolitical colouring and thus overcome the various kinds of resistance encountered.

Important initiatives have also been undertaken at international level: AISCAT was the driving force behind the agreement and convergence of interests between all the European concessionaires of toll motorways which, since they had drawn on the Italian model for their birth and growth, share its objectives as well.

The upshot was the creation of SECAP (European Secretariat of Motorway and Toll Concessionaires) in 1973. SECAP has since grown via its study days and committees to become a fully-blooded association ASECAP whose members include some European Union countries or some other which will become part of it. The Association members manage over 25.000 kms of toll motorway.

This has endowed the Association with a more incisive presence in European institutions; we refer in particular to the European Union, its Parliament its Commission, which, together to its Directorates General, are concerned with the issue of mobility and granting.

AISCAT has in fact participated both directly and through ASECAP in European projects for the sector, exporting the valuable construction and above all management, experience it has acquired in forty years of motorway management with particular reference to advanced toll management systems.